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Sparkle Our World
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     19mm round tag charm on bracelet
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     heart tag charm on bracelet
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heart tag charm on beaded
heart tag charm on beaded
item #14009
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fill her heart with the ones she loves

Tell us the names or words in the order you would like in Step 4 under "special instructions". The "&" is free and does not count as an additional line.

With one name, you can have up to 11 characters.

With two names, the top can have a maximum of 11 characters and the second a maximum of 10 characters.

With three names, the top can have 11  characters,  the second line 10 characters and the thrid line can have a maximum of 6 characters.

Your names or words will be stamped on this beautiful sterling silver heart pendant tag charm and strung onto a sparkling 16" sterling silver diamond cut beaded. This chain also comes with a 4" extender to allow for looks up to 20" in length.

personalize your sparkle
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step 2 - how many charms?
This item comes with 1 charm.
total $30.00
SPARKLE OUR WORLD?S mission is to improve the lives of moms around the globe. Like the acronym S.O.W. the foundation?s goal is to sow seeds of goodness around the world. Just as we carefully and lovingly nourish our children when we bring them into the world, SPARKLE OUR WORLD will work to provide the seeds it plants with the proper environment, inspiration and support such that they too may grow into self sustaining and contributing elements of this beautiful planet we call home. Know that by purchasing gifts at SPARKLEMOM, you are helping the SPARKLE OUR WORLD foundation impact moms in need. 5% of all profits at SPARKLEMOM, and 50% of the profits from our signature give back globes go directly to the SPARKLE OUR WORLD Foundation.
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