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Benefiting moms around the globe

SPARKLE OUR WORLD’S mission is to improve the lives of moms around the globe. Like the acronym S.O.W. the foundation’s goal is to sow seeds of goodness around the world. Just as we carefully and lovingly nourish our children when we bring them into the world, SPARKLE OUR WORLD will work to provide the seeds it plants with the proper environment, inspiration and support such that they too may grow into self sustaining and contributing elements of this beautiful planet we call home.

Know that by purchasing gifts at SPARKLEMOM, you are helping the SPARKLE OUR WORLD foundation impact


moms in need. 5% of all profits at SPARKLEMOM, and 50% of the profits from our signature give back globes go directly to the SPARKLE OUR WORLD Foundation.

With the 2008 launch of SPARKLEMOM, the SPARKLE OUR WORLD foundation is just now kicking off its development phase. As we begin to formulate plans for the organization, we are interested in hearing from you. Please send any thoughts or recommendations you have with regard to the foundation, its efforts and beneficiaries to sparkle @

Now accepting donations

In addition to proceeds given directly from the SPARKLEMOM organization, SPARKLE OUR WORLD accepts donations. All donations are tax deductable and can be made by credit card by calling 1-866-936-SPARKLE (7727). Checks made payable to SPARKLE OUR WORLD can be mailed to:

300 Carlsbad Village Drive
Suite 108A #231
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Many thanks from all the beautiful moms who will benefit from your generosity.

Give Back Globes coming soon!

Signature Larimar Globes
50% of the profits from these beautiful sea blue silver and gold globes go directly to the SPARKLE OUR WORLD foundation in support of all its efforts.

Pink Opal Globes
50% of the profits from these products go directly to Susan G. Komen Foundation toward the fight against breast cancer.

Seraphinite Globes
50% of the profits from these beautiful sea green globes goes to the SPARKLE OUR WORLD foundation in its efforts supporting the environment.


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