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Ahhh... being a mom… it is amazing, exhilarating, overwhelming, fulfilling, exhausting, rewarding, wonderful and much much more. For all the trials and tribulations they often put us through, us moms are so proud of our children. At Sparklemom we believe that for all we do, and for who we are, moms deserve to have a momentous piece of jewelry made just for us. Our pieces are designed to be fun and packed with sparkle, whether your look is big and bold, classic vintage, or a little more delicate and feminine.


Each of our birthstone pieces are custom made for mom, to remind her of just how beautiful and special she is, and at the same time, provide her with a reminder of each of the unique and special individuals that are a part of her life.

Sparklemom carries only high quality products, made entirely from sterling silver, 14k and 18k gold. We have designed our products by collection as you will find featured on the website.


Show off with style! Birthstone jewelry is the foundation for which Sparklemom was developed. Whether you are looking for a necklace, a bracelet, earrings, a ring, an anklet or a key ring, we know you will find the perfect birthstone piece to suit your style. Have fun with these, and personalize them any way you like. We can’t tell you how much fun we have every day custom making these pieces. Whether a single stone or a combination of color we have not yet found a combination that we did not just love!


Elegant and classy, need we say more? Pearls are a classic and sure to delight any mom.


It’s like chocolate, sometimes you just gotta have it! We choose only a select few products for our indulge line and we continually change it up to keep it fresh and inspiring. Enjoy!


Who’s life isn’t crazy busy these days? The “everyday earring” collection is designed to provide a great look that you can grab, and go. The collection offers a variety of designs to suit a variety of personal styles, yet all are versatile enough to wear around town during the day, to the office during the week, to a soccer game on the weekends, or even for a much needed “girls night out”. Find the look that suits your style.


Ever feel like you are carrying the weight of the world? If you are anything like us then you know that the feet deserve a little extra attention. Our collection of anklets and toe rings are designed to add extra sparkle to your summer look.


Do we always have to have a reason to add a little extra sparkle to our day? The “just because” line is designed to be gorgeous and fun! All the pieces are made from genuine stones, many of which are quite unique, and are designed on our signature sterling silver and gold chains. These products are a great combination of elegance and class, yet at the same time they are both fun and sparkly. The line features an allure of brilliant color as well as the appeal of clean neutrals. Find the look that suits you.


Stayed tuned….these will sparkle our world!

Pictured above: Chief Controllers of Chaos, Clarissa Zulick and Kristin Simpkins with five of their precious gems each wearing their birthstone color - Noah in white diamond, Giselle in blue topaz, Haaken in peridot green, Jordan in amethyst and Bonnie in blue topaz.


SPARKLE OUR WORLD?S mission is to improve the lives of moms around the globe. Like the acronym S.O.W. the foundation?s goal is to sow seeds of goodness around the world. Just as we carefully and lovingly nourish our children when we bring them into the world, SPARKLE OUR WORLD will work to provide the seeds it plants with the proper environment, inspiration and support such that they too may grow into self sustaining and contributing elements of this beautiful planet we call home. Know that by purchasing gifts at SPARKLEMOM, you are helping the SPARKLE OUR WORLD foundation impact moms in need. 5% of all profits at SPARKLEMOM, and 50% of the profits from our signature give back globes go directly to the SPARKLE OUR WORLD Foundation.
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